Welcome to Davao City !

“Every places are God’s own creation, don’t hesitate in taking care of it.”

Credits: Google Photos

Credits: Google Photos

Davao is know for a lot of things. It is the “Orchid Capital of the Philippines” and the “City in Bloom”. It is the home of a lot of gardens, plantations and a wide variety of flowers. The most famous flower found in abundance in the city is Waling-waling or Vanda Sanderana, a type of orchid.

Davao is also known as the city of Durian (a fruit known for its pungent smell and very delicious taste). This fruit is found everywhere in Davao. There are even places where you get to eat all the Duri

an that you want (really something for durian-lovers to try). Other than durian, the city has a lot of fruits to offer such as mangosteen, lanzones, banana, pomelo, strawberry, rambutan and avocado.

Davao is also home to the 2nd largest eagle in the world – the Philippine eagle (formerly, the monkey-eating eagle). This eagle used to be threatened with extinction but thanks to the efforts of various organizations and the government, the eagle is again flying high in Davao.

Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, can also be found near this city. As a matter of fact, part of this mountain is within the city’s jurisdiction.

Vanda Sanderiana

Vanda Sanderiana



Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle


Enjoy and Explore more about the City of Davao. Other Places and Resort are posted below the comment box, click, and enjoy seeing those Breath-taking Places that you’ll find ONLY here in Davao City.


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